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The Opportunity and Risks for Consumer Startups in a Social Distancing World — A Framework for Consumer Attention. | by Sarah Tavel | Medium
Social distancing has dramatically changed how we spend our time. With all in person gatherings canceled, people suddenly have a lot more…
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Clubhouse on Android - Drop-in audio cha‪t app
Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations - with friends and other interesting people around the world.
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Elizabeth Warren Talks Inspiration For New Book, the Next 100 Days in America – NBC Boston
The inspiration for Elizabeth Warren’s new book, “Persist,“ began while reflecting on the events of this past year. The Massachusetts senator said, “...
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren - Writing “Persist” & Democrats’ Need to Deliver | The Daily Show - YouTube
Sen. Warren shares why she gave an honest account of running for president in her new book “Persist,” discusses the importance of Democrats delivering o...
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Elizabeth Warren On Her New Book, 'Persist,' And Power Of Stories : NPR
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she isn't looking to be president. She's looking for change, she tells NPR, which happens when we talk about our stories — from...
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Persist | Elizabeth Warren
The inspiring, influential senator and bestselling author mixes vivid personal stories with a passionate plea for political transformation.
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The Social Dilemma
This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.