D.C. Statehood Is a Matter of Justice - The Atlantic

Statehood for Washington, D.C., is a matter of justice.
Link Sun, Feb 21, 2021

Our absence from national politics helps explain why Americans go on making mistakes about Washington, imagining that there is nothing distinctive here—no “real” people, no local history, no local culture. It helps explain why tourists visit Graceland when they go to Tennessee, or Monticello when in Virginia, but when they come to Washington, they skip our local landmarks. They don’t typically visit Douglass’s house. They don’t typically walk along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, whose construction was launched at a ceremony featuring John Quincy Adams, using navigation rights that belonged to a company founded by George Washington. They hit the National Mall, buy souvenirs at Smithsonian museums, and head home. They barely meet any Washingtonians at all.