Tara AI | Define, plan & track mission-critical product updates

Define, plan & track mission-critical product updates, in one place.

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Tara AI is building the platform for modern product development.

Jul 15, 2019, Mon ...
San Jose-based Tara AI offers a way to keep IT projects on budget, on target and on time - Silicon Valley Business Journal
San Jose-based TaraAI, co-founded and led by CEO Iba Masood, offers a platform for more efficiently managing software projects that involves less wasted time and resources.
Jul 01, 2019, Mon ...
AI, which uses machine learning to spec out and manage engineering projects, nabs $10M | TechCrunch
Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly important component of how a lot of technology works; now it’s also being applied to how technologists themselves work. Today, one of the startups building such a tool has raised some cap...
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