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Inter State: Essays from California

Author Jose Vadi  
ISBN 9781593766955  
Publish September 14, 2021  

A debut collection of poetic, linked essays investigating the past and present state of California, its conflicting histories and their impact on a writer’s family and life.

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California has been advertised as a destiny manifested for those ready to pull up their bootstraps and head west across to find wealth on the other side of the Sierra Nevada since the 19th century. Across the seven essays in the debut collection by José Vadi, we hear from the descendants of those not promised that prize.

Inter State explores California through many lenses: an aging obsessed skateboarder; a self-appointed dive bar DJ; a laid-off San Francisco tech worker turned rehired contractor; a grandson of Mexican farmworkers pursuing the crops they tilled.

Amidst wildfires, high speed rail, housing crises, unprecedented wealth and its underlying decay, Inter State excavates and roots itself inside those necessary stories and places lost in the ever-changing definitions of a selectively golden state.

Sep 10, 2021, Fri ...
José Vadi debut ‘Inter State’ stands out from California pack - Los Angeles Times
Amid a boomlet of recent California essay collections, José Vadi's debut, "Inter State," stands out for its looseness, range and shaggy heart.
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